And so, Zara, H & M,Topshop – the big brands that fill most of the closets – are gaining ground in the closets of celebrities. Such as shoes, a wallet or even a red carpet gown gain new life when viewed in the current divas and fashion it girls like Olivia Palermo, Lana del Rey and Michelle Williams. It is said that the copy is the best form of flattery -and in this case, to imitate the style icons – provided that no more than 2 digits on the label – could not be more true  ❤❤❤
 Demi Moore Pants By H&M
Rachel Bilson Skirt By Topshop
Angelina Jolie Dressed in French Connection
 Leona Lewis wallet By Dorothy Perkins

 Pixie Geldorf Dress By Topshop

 Amanda Seyfriend dressed in H&M

Kate Moss Jacket By Topshop

Lana Del Rey Shoes By Office

Rooney Maria Jumpsuit By ASOS
Michelle Williams Dress By H&M
Nicola Roberts Total Look By Topshop
Ginnifer Goodwin Dress By H&M
Olivia Palermo total look By Zara


  1. I think the “cheaper” brands often can look more stylish than the more expensive ones. I would rather wear one expensive item, than a full set. An expensive handbag is often enough. Worn alone it gets to shine, instead of fighting for the spotlight.

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