Kick it in style with the it-shoe of the season.

Everyone’s got it (except you) but what makes the sneaker wedge designed by Isabel Marant so appealing?  a much needed rest from those sky high heels, these pumped up kicks (with a hidden heel) have just been certified as the it-shoe of the season.

Now here’s the big question, will the sneaker wedge enter your shoe closet this spring?   ❤❤❤

Wedges By Isabel Marant $ 760

 Wedges By ASH $ 333

Wedges By ASH Neon $ 225

Wedges By See by Chloé $ 395

Wedges By Y-3 $ 460

Wedges By Nine West $ 130

Wedges By Topshop $ 126



  1. 🙂 – the ‘good old’ sneaker topic 🙂 I do own me a pair of IM sneakers and they are great especially for flare pants that- without high heeled shoes (or sneakers) – would ‘sweep’ the floors. I’ve worn them once in a post without making them the center of the post, but wouldn’t add them to a ‘serious’ style post – in the end of the day they are sneakers, good for going to the parks, playgrounds or when your up on your feet all day and wanna be comfy…ps: I nominated you for the sunshine award – check my blog later!

  2. There is no way I would wear the sneaker wedge, I think the whole concept is tacky, and I would always opt to dress up rather than to dress down. Sneakers should only be worn whilst doing sports. In my opinion that is.

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